A short Q & A about this nonsense I’m calling a blog.

Q: Who the heck are you?

A: My full name is. . .well, I can’t reveal too much too soon. Just know that I’m a professional writer (technical communication and feature articles and CD reviews for this fine monthly publication). I am married to a professional photographer, have a 10-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, and my wife and I live with two parakeets, two goldfish, two cats, and a beagle who is frighteningly way too smart for her own good. We used to have three cats, but we had to have one of them put to sleep two weeks ago. Her name was Jade. She was 18 years old. She’d been with me since my first marriage. I miss her.

Q: Didn’t you have a blog somewhere else?

A: Yes, on Blogger. It is still there. I moved here because I wanted a bit more functionality than the Blogger tool provided. I know there a lots of great blogs using that service. Some of them I visit regularly. I think I became bored with using Blogger and just stopped making entries. WordPress looks like it can offer more. I think it will engage me a little more and, more or less, force me to make entries in order to use it. Getting a trackback on the previous entry, and some personal thanks from the blogger I linked to, was a mild thrill. We’ll see.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish here?

A: I want to reveal myself to the universe one piece of my soul at a time.

Q: What’s with the name of this blog? I’ve Gotta Fang?

A: It’s based on a song by They Might Be Giants called “I’ve Got a Fang” from their Mink Car CD. For some reason, that song was spinning around in my head one day when I had to come up with a member name for a Yahoo! user group I was joining. I entered “Gottafang.” So that sort of stuck with me as I registered with other sites to post comments, and I just extended it to naming my blog.

Q: So what can we look forward to? Why should I want to visit here and waste a few minutes of my day?

A: Good question. Come back here every so often and find out. Seriously, I hope to have regular posts featuring something of interest. That’s all I can promise right now.

Q: Sounds kinda like a half-assed commitment.
A: Indeed. But I do have a life outside blogging.

Onward, then. . .

Our First Crimefighter President: “We are not a country moving in the wrong direction or sliding down hill. The truth is we are the strongest country on earth.” So says Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. Colonel Austin Bay reports on Giuliani’s appearance at a California fundraiser.

Smug Arsehat of the Week (so far): Bill Maher backpedals furiously. What he says reminds me of a game we played in a linguistics class I took as an undergraduate. Take the sentence “I did not say you stole my red bandanna” and emphasize a different word each time. Each time you do, you change the meaning .

Reviews This Month at the LMN: The newest from Louisville power-pop band Ultratone, and a twofer featuring the debut releases from Ben Thornewill and Aaron Crane. Also, here’s my story on Darnell Levine, a fine young jazz-soul singer who has studied (literally) the Business Called Music and, from the looks of things, already has a great head start on a career.