Brad Delp, lead singer of Boston, is dead at age 55.

I remember flipping arse over teakettle when I first heard songs from the debut album back in 1976. I also remember feeling the band was denied a Grammy when they lost to the twee, granny-glasses-and-granola outfit Starland Vocal Band for best new artist the next year. That was my first hint of how lame the Grammys are.

My sister and brother-in-law gave me the Boston record for Christmas, 1976. But fickle fan that I was, my ears were turned by this record just a couple months later. Then there was this one.

Still, it was great rock music for its time. A time that is long past.

Thanks for the music, Brad. From a 15-year-old from 1976.

(h/t: The Captain)

UPDATE: Bob Lefsetz pays tribute to Brad Delp and makes you feel bad you grew up and got too hip to really, really enjoy the music that band made. Even if it was for just one album. Even if you thought everything else they did had all the sparkle of a sink full of used dishwater.

And what makes you think I’m talking about myself?