Saw 300 yesterday afternoon. Played hooky from work to catch a matinée. I would say it is probably the best money I’ve spent to see a movie in quite awhile. It is exciting, stirring, emotional, bloody, and, yes, patriotic in that the message can be applied to any nation that values and defends its freedom against the threat from an overwhelming and delusional force that demands obedience and the smootheeguts who proclaim that facing down and fighting the threat is useless, that the warmongering leaders are leading the nation to its own demise. Besides, the enemy isn’t the real problem. Why, there are more important things to act upon.

For me, the best scene was when Leonidas is leaving Sparta with his 300 warriors to face the invading Persian army. As the army leaves, he stands for awhile with his wife and son. As they talk, he addresses her as “M’lady.” At that point, he is more than her husband, more than her king. He is her servant. Her knight. Her champion.

Race-bating war porn? Hardly, when you consider that the jihadists release beheading, martyrdom, and violent hip-hop videos as recruitment tools.

Sir Laurence Olivier’s film version of Shakespeare’s Henry V is said to have been a propaganda boon to the British during World War II. 300 serves the same for our entire civilization in its battle against an enemy willing to kill and enslave in the name of their psychotic jihad.