Wow, Bowie’s song lyrics are handy when talking about the music industry.

An update to this earlier post: digital singles are affecting the the plunge in CD sales, but so are a some things that distract our fickle little minds (and the fact that a lot of what comes out of the major labels just sucks, and without much skill):

There are certainly more factors involved in this than just the sale of digital singles. Competition with other forms of entertainment, such as the Internet, is also eating into both music and television. Many of our readers also cite a declining quality in music from the major labels.

In another story linked from that page, the RIAA is continuing to Keystone Cop their way through their fight against illegal downloads. This time they’re going after the children of the woman who went the distance with the RIAA.

Seems like the RIAA has cribbed their stragegy from the Church of Scientology, where the purpose of a lawsuit is not to win, but to “harass and discourage.”

Good model to emulate, RIAA. Are also you purging the spirits of dead space aliens who swiped music from the Great Intergalactic Music Industry Label Head from the people you’re going after? Then charging them for it?

(h/t: Professor Reynolds)

UPDATE:  Bob Lefsetz comes right out with it:  CHOICE killed the major labels.