Seeing this kind of krep so early in the morning sets my molars a-grinding:


The group that claims that the Berlin Wall fell because some high-level courses were being conducted on a Scientology ship in nearby waters, that the 19 9/11 death-wish thugs were hypnotized and drugged into carrying out their mission, who treates its celebrity and moneyed members with arse-kissing adulation but treats everyone else as if they’re gum on a shoe, founded by one of history’s biggest scam artists now wants to butt into this fresh sadness. 

The Klown Kult never misses an opportunity to whore itself at a national tragedy. 

Check with my old freinds at Operation Clambake for more. 

(h/t:  PJ’s)

UPDATE:  Well, here you go.  All the ammo they’ll need to build another recruitment drive.  Money quote:

Several students and professors described Cho as a sullen loner. Authorities said he left a rambling note raging against women and rich kids. News reports said that Cho, a 23-year-old senior majoring in English, may have been taking medication for depression and that he was becoming increasingly erratic.

Let the Purification Rundowns and E-Meterings begin!