And the upholding of the partial-birth abortion ban, according to this twee piece of fantasy at Huffington Post.

Because, you know, we’d all be living in the Valley of Happy Dancing Unicorns if Al Gore had won the 2000 election. And he would’ve won, goshdarnit, if Nader hadn’t siphoned away votes from Gore. Everybody around the world would just love us, the plot to slam planes full of passengers into buildings full of people would have slipped out of the minds of those planning it (or it would’ve been thwarted), Iraq would be gradually working toward a democracy with Saddam running the country with lots of help and cash and hugs and kisses from the US, and we’d have nightly Kum-By-Yah singings with all our neighbors.

Oh, yeah: all polar bears would be saved because we’d all be driving Priuses, thanks to the federal subsidy we’d all get to help us buy one.

(h/t: Hot Air)