This ‘n that for a late Wednesday/early Thursday:

ITEM! A grassroots movement underway to get Vermont to secede from the union. A question: would anybody miss it? I kind of forget that it’s there until something like this reminds me.

ITEM! Behold the Jaunty Nipples of Collectivism! Postcards from a Revolutionary Chinese Opera, presented and mocked by James Lileks (h/t: Ed). Even the colorblind can’t miss the screaming red in these pictures. And remember: “The Revolution will be accessorized!”

ITEM! A quote:

As these sanctimonious liars fight to destroy our way of life while Mars warms without being littered with Wal-Marts, they can la-de-da around in their fat mansions and Gulfstream jets feeling superior.

As a side note I’d like to suggest a new law: Anyone caught in a Starbucks complaining about Wal-Mart should get their Prius keyed.

Damn, Harry, tell us how you really feel. As for myself, I never really cared for Sheryl Onesquare’s music in the first place.

ITEM! The President gets down.

ITEM! My inspiration for bulleting each of these with the word ITEM!