Fellow WordPresser jbrokow at “Psst, Over Here” posts this about “Drive By Dissent.”  Money quote:

Try keeping it to yourself, for just a minute or two. It isn’t helping. You’re either preaching to the choir, or annoying those who think your opinions are stupid. What you aren’t doing is convincing anybody.

Wife and I live in a predominantly liberal neighborhood, so the rear of just about every car we see (sometimes from the bottom edge of the bumper up to the trunk line) is slathered with the owner’s politics, ranging from the benign tripe of “If you want peace, work for justice” (and its flipside, “If you want justice, work for peace” – funny, there’s always lots of work involved with this stuff) and the cliched Gandhi quotes, to the obnoxious screams of IMPEACH BUSH! NOW! I MEAN IT!! AND SAVE THE RAINFORESTS AND WHALES! AND MAKE THE AIR FORCE HAVE A BAKE SALE TO BUY BOMBERS! GANDHI SAID SO!

Recently we were driving behind a newish Volvo 740 with a bumper sticker that proclaimed “Capitalism Kills”, and gave a web site address. The owner had either a twisted sense or irony or a severe case of cognitive dissonance. I strongly suspect the latter, thinking that at some point during the day the driver would be enjoying a latte at a wi-fi enabled coffee shop and using her Apple PowerBook to get e-mail from her Yahoo! account.

Still, as I said earlier, never let facts get in the way of a good bumper sticker.

Says he with a small oval sticker on his bumper proclaiming support for this candidate

(h/t:  Gerard Van Der Leun)