The Electronic Freedom Foundation is teaming with conservative (yes, conservative) site Hot Air contesting Universal Music Group’s takedown of a YouTube video of a report the site did on Akon.

From the EFF press release:

With the legal backing of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), nationally syndicated columnist and prominent blogger Michelle Malkin has contested music giant Universal Music Group’s (UMG’s) improper attempt to silence her online criticism of one of its artists.

In a recent episode of “Vent with Michelle Malkin” — an irreverent daily video podcast produced by Malkin’s conservative Internet broadcast network “Hot Air” — Malkin criticized Universal hip hop artist Akon, calling him a “misogynist” and his antics “vulgar and degrading.” She supported her criticism with excerpts from Akon’s music videos as well as controversial onstage video footage showing Akon with a teenage girl at a nightclub in Trinidad. Malkin’s accompanying commentary condemned both Akon’s lyrics and his behavior.

Read the entire piece here.

Scary time for Akon and UMG. Thanks to an effort by Malkin, talk show host Laura Ingraham (a music lover – check what’s on her iPod playlist) and others, Verizon Wireless ended its relationship with Akon (so no pimp ‘n ho ringtones, junior) and sponsorship of his tour with Gwen Stefani. Hell, it’s a scary time for the whole damn industry! CD sales figures not just in the crapper, but spinning around and heading toward the trapway and the floor flange. Mercilessly stupid lawsuits by the RIAA against P2Ps. Sales of downloadable singles either directly from performers or one of the many online sales sites increasing.

The industry is going to the mattress on all this, desperate to make themselves still relevant. And we’re still paying attention to them. We shouldn’t. To paraphrase Dylan, everyday their relevance and power grows dimmer. They’re shoveling out crap with one hand, while digging themselves a hole with the other.