Are three words that really don’t go together. 

This has got to be the chinciest deal ever offered a music fan:  buy an already-overpriced ticket from TicketMaster, with all kinds of rip-off convenience fees attached to it, and your reward is. . .

A single song from iTunes.  Your choice, of course.  Plus a sampler of music. 

Look, I like iTunes.  I use it.  But this deal is just so underhwelming.  Kind of reminds me of a Spider-Man comic I read many years ago.  Peter Parker has just thrown his Spidey-suit into the trash can.  Some kid finds it and turns it over to J. Jonah Jameson.  He tells the youngster, “You deserve a reward, kid.  Grab a free copy of the Daily Bugle on your way out.” 

“That’s a reward?” the kid replies. 

I think that scene was also in Spider-Man 2, but I don’t remember.   

Sic ’em, Bob