Alleged progressives love their signs, their paper mache puppets, their t-shirts ablazoned with this killer whose life story is glossed over with blind adoration, love to bellow and bray that they’re living in a fascist state, that its leader doesn’t have the sense God gave a grasshopper’s ass (but he still managed to pull off one of the greatest conspiracies ever in this history of civilization), and they call for his instant removal from office, frogmarched out of “the people’s house, his crimes still ill-defined.   

They are clueless.  Their ululations against the fascist state they dream they’re in are hollow. 

I present part one of a concise piece entitled “Boris Yeltsin:  Lessons for America.”  It is based on a struggle that took place 16 years ago this summer, one that brought down a mighty, fearsome empire.  It is by Oleg Atbashian, a Ukranian now living in New York.

How clueless are the alleged progressives:

There’s nothing heroic in disparaging democratic institutions, dishonoring the American flag, and carrying placards with anti-capitalist, anti-American slogans pre-printed for them by communist front groups with the money donated by corrupt foreign dictators. The protesters absurdly accuse this free country of being a fascist dictatorship, fully aware that an hour later they’ll be drinking expensive coffee at Starbucks – and not dragged to a political prison and getting their teeth knocked in – a likely prospect for dissidents in the countries whose leaders they idolize.

Frankly, I think they know that.  But it gives them the satisfaction of being involved with something, deluded that they are making some kind of difference.  

Read.  Discuss.  But most of all:  Think.