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ITEM! An important WWII anniversary this week (besides the obvious one): the 65th anniversary of the Battle of Midway. Spend a few minutes and read a concise day-by-day account of it here. I can remember seeing the movie Midway back when it was released in 1976. Other than the melodramatic subplot (and the over-reliance on the cheesy Sensurround audio effects), it was pretty good movie and, despite some of the technical gaffes, a pretty accurate depiction of the strategy used by the Navy during those three fateful days in the Pacific. (h/t: LGF)

ITEM! Richard Minter takes on the myths and questions of the JFK airport plot. With one obnoxious MSM clown insisting that the bust was a handy distraction from the Worse-Than-Watergate-Ever-Was Scandal (Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and the firing of some US Attorneys), and a Hollywood ditz insisting it was entrapment, this executive-level briefing makes a nice set of rebuttals to the memes that get floated around.

ITEM! Speaking of rebuttals, Jann Wenner tries to get some notable celebrities to say that that the 1960s were the Most Awesomest Decade Ever, Man! for the 40th Anniversary issue of Rolling Stone. But he doesn’t have much luck. Some people grow up, Jann.

ITEM! Guys, remember when (if ever) you were caught in the act? Caution: contains a clip from an early 1970s educational film. (h/t: Dave)