Okay, so maybe this blogging thing isn’t quite for me.  This thing has been silent for nearly a year without a fresh post, a fresh link to something ephemeral or witty.  Twice I’ve abandoned a blog.  First was with a rival system that just. . .well, lacked some oomph with its coding capabilities.  The second time was this one.

I don’t recall the reason why I ditched this one.  General loss of interest, maybe.  Or loss of focus.

Well, whatever the reason.  Let’s see if I can try again.  Maybe signing up for this rather remarkable service (which one of my colleagues called “Facebook for grownups”) will keep the stuff coming.

Besides, I still have to come up with the Most Underappreciated Albums of the Past Few Decades, or whatever I called it.

Thanks for stopping by.  Browse the older posts at your leisure.