Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has “promised to obstruct any bills not pertaining to energy until the Senate votes on removing the remaining restrictions on off-shore drilling,” states Ed Morrissey at Hot Air from a story posted last night at The Hill.

My wife and I use the per-gallon price at the gas station up the street as a bellwether to gauge how much it will cost us to tank up.  It usually runs about ten cents more than the average around town.  One place a few blocks from here normally runs more than 20 cents per gallon.  Yesterday, the place up the street started the day with a cost of $4.01 per gallon.  When we got home last night, it had fallen to $3.97.  It had been up as high as $4.40 two weeks ago before President Bush lifted the executive ban on offshore drilling and the Bureau of Land Management freed those acres of land for drilling.

An end to dependence on oil and development of new energy sources?  I’m all for it.  For now, though, this needs to happen:  forcing the Senate to confront the issue AND drilling.