And I hope he doesn’t:  “House GOP Invites McCain to Join Protest; Challenges Pelosi to Stop Them.”

McCain says he would join them if Barack Obama would also agree to do so.  I don’t think he should even wait for The Chosen One to join him.  I think this is another “money-where-your-mouth-is” moment for McCain that would show up the presumptive Democratic party nominee, forcing discussion and action on this issue to go beyond tire gauges and tune-ups.

We’re watching the price of oil fall since Bush lifted the executive order banning domestic drilling.  The conspiracy-minded can concoct all the “oil-men-in-the-White-House” manipulating prices conspiracies they want.  All I know is I spent less than $35.00 to fill up with gas last night.  That hasn’t happened since February.

My view?

Conserve resources – absolutely!

Develop new sources of energy – no question!

Increase fuel efficiency of automobiles and create more hybrids – certainly!

Maintain responsible stewardship of the planet – of course!

Wean ourselves off fossil fuels – possible and desirable!

But in the meantime:  drill here, drill now.

And vote with your wallet.

(h/t:  Hot Air)