In a political campaign far, far away. . .

(h/t:  American Digest)

By the way, the remnants of Hurricane Ike rolled up our way.  Half of the roof of our back deck is gone, a section of our back fence was blown down, and about half a Bartlett pear tree in our backyard was sheared off.  Our neighborhood, full of old trees, is now covered with blown-off leaves and branches.  Streets are blocked off because of fallen trees.  About half the city is in darkness.  The luckier parts of the city are glowing brightly, and that seems to be where everyone is heading.

And we have no electricity.  Wife and are are using a hotel’s wireless network to do Innerut stuff.  Every Starbucks and local coffee shop seems to be full of people getting their daily ‘net fix.

The place where we’re accessing the ‘net is downtown in a lounge that was close to a place where I worked last year as a contractor.  Their network was locked down, and the building’s walls were so thick that you couldn’t access any of he dozen or so wireless hubs surrounding it (even cell phone signals couldn’t batter their way in), so I’d come down here during lunch to fetch any personal e-mail and goof around on a few web pages.

So, it looks like it’ll be an evening of board games by candlelight when we get back home.