They still have Obama fee-vah across the pond, even with Sarah Palin joining the Republican ticket as VP, and they are just about grinding their teeth into powder with anger over the fact that they don’t get to vote in our elections.

But it’s hard to take seriously the people of any continent who, thanks to a lot of their rabidly anti-American media outlets who spoonfeed this crap, think that we do nothing but take multiple spouses, eat at McDonald’s for every meal, have absolutely no family values, and waddle around with 300 pounds of extra weight on our frames, who think that all we have to do get over our righteous bad selves is just travel more, just go beyond our coastlines to the wider world beyond the US of A.

Thing is, few of them bother to come over here.

But they apparently know enough about us to think they should have a say in whom we’re going to elect as president.  Unlike, say, the time when we thought one of the European nations should elect its first black leader.

Oh, wait.  That’s never happened.

UPDATE: Obamamania, here and abroad, a craziness?  Professor Hanson explains.