In what should be the last word on ObamaCare (but surely won’t be – no telling how many more press conferences we’ll see with doctors in white coats), Mark Steyn nails encapsulizes the entire issue.  Money quote:

Obamacare represents the government annexation of “one-sixth of the U.S. economy” – i.e., the equivalent of the entire British or French economy, or the entire Indian economy twice over. Nobody has ever attempted this level of centralized planning for an advanced society of 300 million people. Even the control-freaks of the European Union have never tried to impose a unitary “comprehensive” health care system from Galway to Greece. The Soviet Union did, of course, and we know how that worked out.

At this point it has nothing to do with helping those without health insurance, driving down costs, or improving the quality of care.  It’s all about making history and taking control – the Castor and Pollux of statism.  Doing one in the name of the other, supported by nothing but sobby anecdotes and panicked gardyloo about hundreds of thousands who will suffer more if nothing’s done, is despotic.  And it will be only a matter of when another segment of the economy will fall under statism’s squinty gaze.

(h/t:  @adamsbaldwin)

UPDATE:  The real reason behind the off-the-cliff push for ObamaCare?  A payoff.