Hedley Lamarr’s Army Thursday, Apr 15 2010 

So tell me:  when I read this, why do I think of this?


Bastard! Thursday, Feb 18 2010 

Bill Maher. No reason to offer anything else.  No analysis.  No rebuttal.  The man is under the delusion that he’s funny and insightful.  He’s a clown-thug.  All he needs is a bowler hat and a white suit and a codpiece.

“Drop the coin right into the slot. . .” Wednesday, Aug 27 2008 

With apologies to Chuck Berry.

One of many fine pictures from the brave Zombie, gliding through the Heart of Dorkness during the “Recreate ’68” event going on at the same time as the Democractic National Convention in Denver.

More here, here, and a riot here.

It Really Isn’t That Easy Bein’ Green Friday, Aug 8 2008 

While trying to be good.  Please enjoy this preview of a new show coming to ABC:  The Goode Family, created by Mike Judge.  What South Park did to, well everything, this seems to keep its focus on the Kum-By-Yah crowd.

(h/t:  Dirty Harry’s Place)

Go For Impeachment – NOW! Thursday, May 24 2007 

Do it!  Here, let The Anchoress get us started. 

Bring all of your accusations, narratives, memes, large conspiracy theories and small distrusts, petty dislikes and visceral hatreds. Let’s make it a very thorough impeachment, with long, hard looks and bright, hot lights, and everyone under oath and on the record! You won’t mind if – once we finally lance the purulent boil that is George W. Bush – some of the pus splashes up on you, will you? For the good of the nation?

Such astute political pundits as the shrill, unfunny Joy Behar and the permascowled Garrison Keillor both agree.  Fiat voluntas tua! 

(h/t:  PJs)

An Open Mind Wednesday, May 23 2007 

Having one is good, but not to the point where your brain falls out and you start to buy into the crap shoveled out by the MSM, the leftish politicians, the nutroots, and anybody who has breathless adulation for this assclown.

Please watch this video.

(h/t: Hot Air)

P.S., Been away for a little while. More later, if you can possibly stand to wait.

UPDATE:  WTF?   Yeah, these guys have minds so open you can drive a semi through them.

Rebutting the Clueless Friday, May 11 2007 

Alleged progressives love their signs, their paper mache puppets, their t-shirts ablazoned with this killer whose life story is glossed over with blind adoration, love to bellow and bray that they’re living in a fascist state, that its leader doesn’t have the sense God gave a grasshopper’s ass (but he still managed to pull off one of the greatest conspiracies ever in this history of civilization), and they call for his instant removal from office, frogmarched out of “the people’s house, his crimes still ill-defined.   

They are clueless.  Their ululations against the fascist state they dream they’re in are hollow. 

I present part one of a concise piece entitled “Boris Yeltsin:  Lessons for America.”  It is based on a struggle that took place 16 years ago this summer, one that brought down a mighty, fearsome empire.  It is by Oleg Atbashian, a Ukranian now living in New York.

How clueless are the alleged progressives:

There’s nothing heroic in disparaging democratic institutions, dishonoring the American flag, and carrying placards with anti-capitalist, anti-American slogans pre-printed for them by communist front groups with the money donated by corrupt foreign dictators. The protesters absurdly accuse this free country of being a fascist dictatorship, fully aware that an hour later they’ll be drinking expensive coffee at Starbucks – and not dragged to a political prison and getting their teeth knocked in – a likely prospect for dissidents in the countries whose leaders they idolize.

Frankly, I think they know that.  But it gives them the satisfaction of being involved with something, deluded that they are making some kind of difference.  

Read.  Discuss.  But most of all:  Think.   

Taillight Politics Friday, May 4 2007 

Fellow WordPresser jbrokow at “Psst, Over Here” posts this about “Drive By Dissent.”  Money quote:

Try keeping it to yourself, for just a minute or two. It isn’t helping. You’re either preaching to the choir, or annoying those who think your opinions are stupid. What you aren’t doing is convincing anybody.

Wife and I live in a predominantly liberal neighborhood, so the rear of just about every car we see (sometimes from the bottom edge of the bumper up to the trunk line) is slathered with the owner’s politics, ranging from the benign tripe of “If you want peace, work for justice” (and its flipside, “If you want justice, work for peace” – funny, there’s always lots of work involved with this stuff) and the cliched Gandhi quotes, to the obnoxious screams of IMPEACH BUSH! NOW! I MEAN IT!! AND SAVE THE RAINFORESTS AND WHALES! AND MAKE THE AIR FORCE HAVE A BAKE SALE TO BUY BOMBERS! GANDHI SAID SO!

Recently we were driving behind a newish Volvo 740 with a bumper sticker that proclaimed “Capitalism Kills”, and gave a web site address. The owner had either a twisted sense or irony or a severe case of cognitive dissonance. I strongly suspect the latter, thinking that at some point during the day the driver would be enjoying a latte at a wi-fi enabled coffee shop and using her Apple PowerBook to get e-mail from her Yahoo! account.

Still, as I said earlier, never let facts get in the way of a good bumper sticker.

Says he with a small oval sticker on his bumper proclaiming support for this candidate

(h/t:  Gerard Van Der Leun)

People Trying to Save the Earth Friday, Apr 27 2007 

. . .who couldn’t even save Planet Hollywood. 

Lewis Black rips on green celebs

It’s Link-O-Rama Time! Wednesday, Apr 25 2007 

This ‘n that for a late Wednesday/early Thursday:

ITEM! A grassroots movement underway to get Vermont to secede from the union. A question: would anybody miss it? I kind of forget that it’s there until something like this reminds me.

ITEM! Behold the Jaunty Nipples of Collectivism! Postcards from a Revolutionary Chinese Opera, presented and mocked by James Lileks (h/t: Ed). Even the colorblind can’t miss the screaming red in these pictures. And remember: “The Revolution will be accessorized!”

ITEM! A quote:

As these sanctimonious liars fight to destroy our way of life while Mars warms without being littered with Wal-Marts, they can la-de-da around in their fat mansions and Gulfstream jets feeling superior.

As a side note I’d like to suggest a new law: Anyone caught in a Starbucks complaining about Wal-Mart should get their Prius keyed.

Damn, Harry, tell us how you really feel. As for myself, I never really cared for Sheryl Onesquare’s music in the first place.

ITEM! The President gets down.

ITEM! My inspiration for bulleting each of these with the word ITEM!

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