Bastard! Thursday, Feb 18 2010 

Bill Maher. No reason to offer anything else.  No analysis.  No rebuttal.  The man is under the delusion that he’s funny and insightful.  He’s a clown-thug.  All he needs is a bowler hat and a white suit and a codpiece.


The Solution? More Martinis Saturday, Nov 8 2008 

How do we overcome the deep political divides, where one side thinks the other is full of inbred morons?  Check out the solution from Dave Barry.

(h/t:  Ed Driscoll)

My Vote This Year Saturday, Nov 1 2008 

McCain/Palin, obviously.  And I think the reasons why are reflected in an unsolicited e-mail from a musician here in town who is part of a band I wrote a story on earlier this year:

I have been distressed during the past 8 years of the Bush administration and what those years have done to so degrade this country. The consequences seem obvious to me- a financial collapse as the oil companies and corporate America gained obscene amounts of money while we lost our hard earned retirement savings (mine is down about 30% after years of working 60-70 hrs a week, how about yours or have you even been able to save?). . .

Nothing new here but liberal boilerplate.  They’ve all been distressed over the past eight years.  Question:  has your retirement dropped 30% over eight years or 30% since the stock market began falling?

years of two wars costing 10 billion dollars a month,

Two wars that have keep another terror attack on our soil from happening, which would cost more in lost lives and property.

imposition of many civil rights erosions,

Which ones?

degradation of our infrastructure and environment,


a much less effective voice around the globe

But if we had an effective voice, we’d probably be told to mind our own business.

watching as one of our major cities drowned in front of our eyes with little relief

But completely discounting all the billions of dollars in charitable donations that went down to this “major city” after the levees failed, while also forgetting that requests the city be evacuated were not heeded by its mayor, nor did it follow its documented disaster plan.

Moving on past more boilerplate, we come to this:

McCain also appointed an unknown and inexperienced vice-presidential candidate, who seems to revel in repeating all the old divisive remarks that have led us into this Republican ruse in the first place.

Unknown to whom?  I knew about her, so did others.  It isn’t like he just picked her out of a book like Apollo Creed did to Rocky Balboa.  Inexperienced?  What has Barack Obama run besides a presidential campaign for the last two years.

McCain has spent more of his time talking about Obama (he’s a socialist, a Muslim, an associate of terrorists, you’ve heard them all by now), rather than saying what specific steps a McCain presidency will take towards change.

I don’t recall McCain saying anything about Obama being a Muslim, but he has pointed out Obama’s more-than-a-guy-in-the-neighborhood association with William (25 million in re-education camps) Ayers and, yeah, the socialist “spread the wealth around” leanings figure into it, too.  But this is politics.  Has Obama only spoken about the steps he’ll take toward change and not been critical of McCain?

There are many aspects of our life that have seriously been eroded

Speak for yourself, please.

I no longer will tolerate a president who lies, nor one who wants to pit one part of our country against the other,

I guess I must’ve missed the last rumble bewteen Florida and the eastern seaboard.

or one who adores their relationships with wealthy corporations.

So that means we won’t have a president who writes “Haliburton” over and over again in the inside covers of his textbooks?

There cannot be “victory” in an unnecessary war that has drained this country’s resources and led to the tragic and needless deaths of so many young men and women.

Tell that to the Iraqi people, and to the soliders, sailors, Marines, and airmen who are doing the work over there.  Terror attacks are down in Iraq.  Period.  Military casualties are at their lowest.  Period.

In your heart you know we are not as well off by any measure as we were 8 years ago.

Actually, I am, blessed by higher-paying jobs and more opportunities.  Eight years ago we watched people lose money and jobs when the whole bubble pop.  We had the whole Enron/WorldCom debacle the following year.  Truth be told, the economy’s been okay.  The whole mortgage crisis has been a disaster in the making for years, and cannot be blamed on “failed economic policies of the Bush administration.”  Truth is, we’re not fighting with double-digit unemployment or high interest rates we had 30 years ago under Jimmy Carter.  And if anybody tells us to turn down the thermostat and wear a sweater, it’s someone in our own homes.

As the son of a salesman, I know that if you can’t close, you can’t sell.  Obama’s having a hard time closing the deal with the American public.  There is nothing that is putting him in a clear lead over McCain.  His supporters are confident of a rout, but what are they basing that on?  Sure, the rest of the world loves him.  But he can’t convince enough people in his own nation that he’s the guy for them.

If things are as bad as the e-mail to me stated, Obama should have closed his deal months ago.  But he can’t.

For more details, these young people put it in a way that I never could.

Closing the Deal: The Case Against Barack Obama Tuesday, Oct 21 2008 

Two young conservative journalists, Guy Benson and Mary Katherine Ham, make a comprehensive, rational case against Barack Obama becoming President of the United States, notably on the key issues of abortion, taxes, his radical associations, foreign policy judgment, disdain for the heartland, the race card, and his lack of accomplishments.

Read.  Share.  Discuss.

I Remember Girls Like That. . . Tuesday, Oct 21 2008 

Hot Air has a link to an LAT story about Sarah Palin’s college years.  She apparently wasn’t remembered at all, not a collegeiate standout socially, academically, or even athletically.  Hard to do when you jump from college to college.  She’d go home during the summers and work.  She was steadfast, a head-down-and-focus kind of student, dedicated to getting an education, but not so full of ennui that she’d do merely enough to skate by.  These are the kinds of students I treasured when I was an adjunct lecturer at a large university:  always show up for class, always turned in each assignment, always participate in discussions, always showed up for conferences, always conscientious of their work.

I remember girls like that when I was in college.  The few times they would go out to a party, rarely by themselves – always in the company of at least one other, they would slide in unnoticed, usually hang out close to the door, and gradually make their way in to wherever the keg was (if they even drank).  They’d nurse a cup of beer for the entire time they were there, and if you were lucky enough to get their attention for a few minutes (if you weren’t already sloshed yourself, full of beer and your own overinflated sense of studliness), you’d have a nice conversation about classes you were taking, professors you liked:  the common college stuff.

And they almost always talked about their family, their home, with small anecdotes about their brothers or sisters.  The stories were warm, sometimes funny, but they never bored you with them.  Chances are you had similar ones you’d tell.  You’d both laugh a lot.  And since these were girls you wouldn’t try to put the make on, your heart wouldn’t sink if they mentioned a boyfriend back home.

From then on, every time she saw you on campus, she’d always say hi.  And she’d flash you a smile that always sparked something alive in you.

Chances are she still has that smile.

I Am Back Sunday, Oct 19 2008 

And I Am Joe.

Money quote:

He was a guy tossing a football with his kid in the front yard of his $125,000 house when a politician picked him out as a prop for a 30 second newsbite for the cable news cameras. Joe simply had the temerity to speak truth (or, if you prefer, an uninformed opinion) to power, for which the politico-media axis apparently determined that he must be humiliated, harassed, smashed, destroyed. The viciousness and glee with which they set about the task ought to concern anyone who still cares about citizen participation, and freedom of speech, and all that old crap they taught in Civics class before politics turned into Narrative Deathrace 3000, and Web 2.0 turned into Berlin 1932.0.

Godwin’s Law! you say? if the jackboot fits, wear it.

If it’s meta-memes and meta-meta-narratives these media headlice want, so be it.

Embarrassed to say that I once, nearly 30 years ago, wanted to be part of what Iowahawk calls the “media headlice,” and all these years later I don’t even remember why.  I think I would have been content to spin records all day and make snappy DJ patter.  Even now that aspiration seems to have soured.

Regardless, I grew up in a neighborhood of Joes.  I am the son of a Joe – a salesman who busted his arse nearly ever day of his life and had to cut that short because a couple of clogged arteries slowed him down to where he could not go out on the road but maybe three days a week.  And to where every overnight trip he made made us uneasy because we always expected a phone call from some sheriff’s office in a county somewhere in the state asking us to come identify a body.

He’s all right now.  Eighty-three years old.  But he’s a Joe.  So is my brother, a meat cutter.  So are my twin nephews:  a car salesman and a house painter.

And so am I. If any of us want to “share the wealth,” we’ll be the ones do decide to do it.  And we’ll be generous.  All Joes are.

(h/t:  American Digest)

Big Brother or Dr. T.J. Eckelberg? Tuesday, Sep 16 2008 

One’s just as appropriate as the other.

A Long Time Ago. . . Sunday, Sep 14 2008 

In a political campaign far, far away. . .

(h/t:  American Digest)

By the way, the remnants of Hurricane Ike rolled up our way.  Half of the roof of our back deck is gone, a section of our back fence was blown down, and about half a Bartlett pear tree in our backyard was sheared off.  Our neighborhood, full of old trees, is now covered with blown-off leaves and branches.  Streets are blocked off because of fallen trees.  About half the city is in darkness.  The luckier parts of the city are glowing brightly, and that seems to be where everyone is heading.

And we have no electricity.  Wife and are are using a hotel’s wireless network to do Innerut stuff.  Every Starbucks and local coffee shop seems to be full of people getting their daily ‘net fix.

The place where we’re accessing the ‘net is downtown in a lounge that was close to a place where I worked last year as a contractor.  Their network was locked down, and the building’s walls were so thick that you couldn’t access any of he dozen or so wireless hubs surrounding it (even cell phone signals couldn’t batter their way in), so I’d come down here during lunch to fetch any personal e-mail and goof around on a few web pages.

So, it looks like it’ll be an evening of board games by candlelight when we get back home.

And Why Should We Care? Tuesday, Sep 9 2008 

BBC:  World wants Obama to be president.

Newsflash to all peoples on this planet:  we are electing the President of the United States, not US Marketing Manager to the Rest of the World.

Selfish?  Indeed.  Put on the big girl panties and deal.

(h/t:  Drudge)

UPDATE: Mr. Vanderleun echoes the same sentimentSo does Allahpundit at Hot Air.

UPDATE II:  UK’s Guardian:  “The world’s verdict will be harsh. . .”

Money quote:

Of course I know that even to mention Obama’s support around the world is to hurt him. Incredibly, that large Berlin crowd damaged Obama at home, branding him the “candidate of Europe” and making him seem less of a patriotic American. But what does that say about today’s America, that the world’s esteem is now unwanted? If Americans reject Obama, they will be sending the clearest possible message to the rest of us – and, make no mistake, we shall hear it.

So now hear this:

(h/t:  Hot Air)

As the stomach turns. . . Friday, Aug 29 2008 

And the eyes roll.  Olby and Mikey show how unfunny and hateful they both are as they chat about weighty matters of the day, notably how Moore thinks hurricane Gustav is proof that there is a God.

Christ, these two should have just shut up and found a way to make out with each other.

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