Obama at the Bat Monday, Mar 8 2010 

Enjoy.  Or not.


There’s Always an Adventure. . . Sunday, Feb 21 2010 

. . .up on Beaver Creek.  New episode available, created by 14-year-old Ian Timothy, son of Louisville singer-songwriter-producer-jingle-creator Joel Timothy.

Your Weekly Dose of Dan August Wednesday, Feb 17 2010 

A Quinn-Martin Production.  Really.  It says so right there.  The announcer says it, too.

If Ed Wood Had Directed Commercials. . . Tuesday, Feb 16 2010 

They’d probably look like this subtly-perverted one for McDonald’s in Australia:

Nobody Does It Better Saturday, Nov 15 2008 

Six Lessons in Manliness from James Bond.

The one I most relate to?

6) Stay Cool – Remember that one segment in the last 007 movie where Bond cracked under the intense pressure of his mission? Me neither. Bond shows us that being a man means staying cool under pressure. Life is tough for everyone; get over it. Great men have the inner fortitude to handle themselves with confidence and self-control even when the world around them is crumbling.

Good advice for people having regular freakouts in response to the dour news about the economy that seems to come in a torrent every day (and, I’ll admit, things are not good, but I’m not buying the “we’re heading for a depression” nonsense).  Gas prices seem to fall a penny or so everyday, but they’re sure to go back up as we head closer to the holidays (which is expected).  Still they’re no where near the nearly five-bucks-a-gallon we were spending during the summer.  The jobless rate is up and companies are laying off people, but the online job boards are full of new good-salaried positions, especially in health care.  Department stores are reporting their sales figures are off, but the malls around here are full nearly every night and people roll full shopping carts out of our favorite Target every three minutes.

My point:  there’s every reason in the world to stay cool despite the shit-faucet news you hear.  I’m sweating out the loss of a regular freelance gig, the negotiating of a sizable advance from another, and making daily calls to (not from) people we owe money to while at the same time firing off resumes, making phone calls, and going on interviews (where I also use Bond Lesson #4 – Dress to Kill).

Handling the world as it is handed to you with confidence and self-control un-knots the ball you feel in your gut and keeps you focused.  And when you’re ready to strike at an opportunity, you can strike. . .like Thunderball.

(h/t:  American Digest)

SPACE: 1956 Friday, Nov 7 2008 

Telstar Logistics brings you a clip from Walt Disney’s Voyage Around the Moon, with your host Werner von Braun.

I think how they eventually got there was a little more efficient, but really lacked the cool factor that von Braun presents.

(h/t:  American Digest)

Peanuts Online – All of Them Thursday, Nov 6 2008 

Okay, election’s over and Barack Obama is now The Big Noise up in DC (or is he?).  Godspeed to him.  Now back to the nonsense.

But first, something wonderful.  All 21,000 Peanuts strips online in a searchable archive. Here’s the one from the day I was born:  August 13, 1961.


(h/t:  American Digest)

Reunion With an Old Friend Wednesday, Sep 17 2008 

In this case, Anheuser Busch Natural Light.

Wow!  Didja get that?  Case?  Natural Light?  Thank you, thank you.  I’m here all week.

Since the remnants of that bastard Hurricane Ike came up our way and brought only its horrendous winds (no rain, which we need, you freaking bastich of a storm, Ike) on Sunday, blacking out nearly half the city (our little home included), we’ve kept a cooler full of iced-down soft drinks on the back deck (which now is missing half its roof, thanks to the Winds from Ike, that frissel-frackel Dick Dastardly of a storm).

Last night we were looking for something fun to keep in it.  Since dead tarantulas were hard to find and pretty gross, we decided on some beer.  And also since we’d spent more than $200.00 on stuff to make minor repairs to the damage to our house and get some emergency supplies like batteries and a nice flourescent lantern (thanks to Ike, you Smegma from Nature’s Pee Slit), we were on a tight beer budget.

In the beer chest at our favorite Kroger, we saw that Naural Light and Natural Ice were on sale.  Less than six bucks for half a case.  Sold!  So we brought home half a case of Natty Ice.  It’s not bad.  I remember drinking Natty when I was in college, mainly because it was inexpensive.  So was Busch and Bush Light (which was on sale, too, but when I told my wife that’s what I used to drink in college, she said, ‘That tells me all I want to know.’).  I even had a Natural Light t-shirt my brother gave me when I was in high school.  He worked for A&P.  A beer distributor gave it to him

So I’ve got my second can of Natty Ice for the evening in front of me.  I’m ready to finish it off.  Hell, man, there are commercials for Natty.  I’ve never seen them.  And they’re pretty funny.

So we’re poppin’ Nattys in the dark.  Thanks, Ike, you Big Wet Windy Schmuck!

UPDATE: Wife just reminded me we now have lights.  Actually, they’ve been on since Monday afternoon.  Sorry.  I’m in Nattyworld right now.

A Long Time Ago. . . Sunday, Sep 14 2008 

In a political campaign far, far away. . .

(h/t:  American Digest)

By the way, the remnants of Hurricane Ike rolled up our way.  Half of the roof of our back deck is gone, a section of our back fence was blown down, and about half a Bartlett pear tree in our backyard was sheared off.  Our neighborhood, full of old trees, is now covered with blown-off leaves and branches.  Streets are blocked off because of fallen trees.  About half the city is in darkness.  The luckier parts of the city are glowing brightly, and that seems to be where everyone is heading.

And we have no electricity.  Wife and are are using a hotel’s wireless network to do Innerut stuff.  Every Starbucks and local coffee shop seems to be full of people getting their daily ‘net fix.

The place where we’re accessing the ‘net is downtown in a lounge that was close to a place where I worked last year as a contractor.  Their network was locked down, and the building’s walls were so thick that you couldn’t access any of he dozen or so wireless hubs surrounding it (even cell phone signals couldn’t batter their way in), so I’d come down here during lunch to fetch any personal e-mail and goof around on a few web pages.

So, it looks like it’ll be an evening of board games by candlelight when we get back home.

Buy American. . .Buy Obama Sunday, Aug 17 2008 

All he seems to be is slogans, logos, and product, as if he had been churned out of some ad agency’s brainstorming session.  Not only does he have a new Buy American logo and theme (which, according some some, looks like a hybrid-ripoff of the Flying A gasoline and REO Speedwagon logos), now fashion designers are creating Obama clothes.

All style. . .and nothing else.

(h/t:  Founding Bloggers)

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