“Let me buy you a pack of gum. I’ll show you how to chew it.” Wednesday, Feb 17 2010 

Bill Maher thinks Americans are not “bright enough to really understand the issues,” including his assertion that having a Marine Corps is socialist.  So’s the mail, too, according to Maher.  But if so, why does it still cost money to send stuff through it?


“Rain on the Scarecrow. . .” Tuesday, Feb 16 2010 

The Nation editor thinks it would be great to run John Mellencamp as Senator for Indiana.

If Ed Wood Had Directed Commercials. . . Tuesday, Feb 16 2010 

They’d probably look like this subtly-perverted one for McDonald’s in Australia:

Maybe. . . Tuesday, Feb 16 2010 

I should start blogging again.  I Facebook, I Twitter, I Robot, so why not restart this again?

I Just Fired My Congressman Saturday, Mar 21 2009 

I’m tired of all this crap in Washington. I’m tired of the posturing. I’m tired of hearing how trillions of dollars are gonna be shoveled down a toilet that doesn’t seem to stop swirling around enough to refill the tank.

So I called him – John Yarmuth, Democrat. I left a message and told him he was fired. A useless gesture? Maybe. But these clowns running circus need to be told we’re watching.

Somewhere In the Middle of Nowhere. . . Tuesday, Feb 10 2009 

From my young friend Ian Timothy, please enjoy Beaver Creek, Episode 2:

No, I Haven’t Gone Away. . . Tuesday, Feb 10 2009 

Just been busy and trying to keep sane while the clowns try to run the circus for awhile.

How’ve you been?

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Dead Rock Star’s Casket Monday, Jan 5 2009 


Hope it was cleaned out.

“Hope That It’s Enough For Now” Friday, Dec 19 2008 

TCM’s lovely tribute to those we lost this year.  Hypnotic music by Joe Henry.

(h/t:  Dirty Harry)

Nobody Does It Better Saturday, Nov 15 2008 

Six Lessons in Manliness from James Bond.

The one I most relate to?

6) Stay Cool – Remember that one segment in the last 007 movie where Bond cracked under the intense pressure of his mission? Me neither. Bond shows us that being a man means staying cool under pressure. Life is tough for everyone; get over it. Great men have the inner fortitude to handle themselves with confidence and self-control even when the world around them is crumbling.

Good advice for people having regular freakouts in response to the dour news about the economy that seems to come in a torrent every day (and, I’ll admit, things are not good, but I’m not buying the “we’re heading for a depression” nonsense).  Gas prices seem to fall a penny or so everyday, but they’re sure to go back up as we head closer to the holidays (which is expected).  Still they’re no where near the nearly five-bucks-a-gallon we were spending during the summer.  The jobless rate is up and companies are laying off people, but the online job boards are full of new good-salaried positions, especially in health care.  Department stores are reporting their sales figures are off, but the malls around here are full nearly every night and people roll full shopping carts out of our favorite Target every three minutes.

My point:  there’s every reason in the world to stay cool despite the shit-faucet news you hear.  I’m sweating out the loss of a regular freelance gig, the negotiating of a sizable advance from another, and making daily calls to (not from) people we owe money to while at the same time firing off resumes, making phone calls, and going on interviews (where I also use Bond Lesson #4 – Dress to Kill).

Handling the world as it is handed to you with confidence and self-control un-knots the ball you feel in your gut and keeps you focused.  And when you’re ready to strike at an opportunity, you can strike. . .like Thunderball.

(h/t:  American Digest)

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